Recruitment Process

Dynamic recruitment resources
Talent Global firm utilizes the most comprehensive sourcing and selection tools when undertaking an assignment to find you the very best candidate to join your organization. Irrespective of your recruitment need and the brand with which you engage to satisfy your workforce requirement, we have access to the following tools and resources to ensure the very best fit between company culture and individual talent – every time.

Specialist recruitment teams
All Talent Global firm consultants have proven industry experience and knowledge. As such, we ensure that our clients are matched with key consultants who can demonstrate a deep and intricate understanding of the industry sector in which the organization operates. Our consultants are responsible for all aspects of their clients’ recruitment needs and can manage all or part of the recruitment process, depending on an organization’s requirements.

Competency assessment
As part of our candidate search and selection process, we have access to the latest online competency assessment and skills assessment tools. This enables us to ensure the best possible match to your requirements, With a proven ability to allow you to select more productive workers, thus improving your staff retention rates and reducing your costs of recruitment. We can:

  • Identify skill, competency and culture requirements.
  • Compose and place job advertisements in printed and online media.
  • Attract talented applicants via multiple channels – traditional, online and social media networks.
  • Use online candidate matching technology to filter applicants.
  • Process high volume responses.
  • Conduct further screening, testing and reference checking on selected candidates.
  • Ensure only applicants that have been through this comprehensive screening process are presented to the organization for consideration.
  • Reduce your time to hire saving your time and money.

  • Dedicated online job advertising
    We have tied up with branded websites for each of our recruitment businesses, which are designed to attract new talent in each specialist marketplace.

    Accessing our vast network
    As part of Talent Global firm, our client organizations can leverage off our existing client base and our regular interactions with thousands of businesses across the country. This connection also enables our clients to access a large candidate pool through our existing market channels.

    Recruitment Process

    recruitment and selection process